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A new love – Gili Trawangan

You would not believe it but indeed after all there is a beautiful places I have visited. Really, I can’t say anything other than that I have selected my final destination in Asia MORE than good: Welcome to Gili Trawangan, the pearl of Indonesia!

When I left the ferry to my last blog entry, I was transferred with three other people in a car and taken to the next ferry, which should eventually bring us to Gilli T. Soon after turned out in the car, 4 people here that have met, who are doomed to be good friends. Within a short time a group has been found that could not be stopped in its entertainment value.

The first 2 nights I’ve spent in a hostel dive was also quite good, but I quickly realized that there is only one place on Gili, where you should be: The Gili Hostel! This hostel is really the best hostel I was on my entire trip so far! The rooms are very large, the bathrooms clean and the highlight is the entire roof of one big party / chill / meeting area! Everywhere there are large mattresses around and the bar promises good prices :-) Basically, everything the traveler heart desires! The entire hostel is tinged very artistic and modern. Must see!

What an awesome Island I was ! I must say I’m so slow a little overwhelmed by the whole peregrinations with impressions and feelings as it does time really good to be a place where you simply can stay stress free times longer! For this reason I am apparently already almost 2 weeks here :-) Well at least we have once taken a snorkeling trip and are about to swim with turtles. I touched my first big turtle in my life! What an experience!

Otherwise, we actually go every evening to the west side of the island and admire with a cold beer a beautiful sunset! What happened last night, but exceeded all unprecedented sunsets! We are not realizing the sunset, have really seen a beautiful sunset with a gigantic big red sun. After that we went back and were on the east side of the beautiful moon rise over all look! The moon was still illuminated by the sun, red and risen from the sea, until he eventually big and white in the sky! The whole thing was kind of like a sunset and rise within half an hour! Incredibly beautiful! The whole course was decorated with a number of shooting stars! WOW!

Otherwise here is actually only one on the schedule: Hardcore tanning, playing frisbee in the crystal clear, turquoise, warm waters and surfing! It really could be worse :-)

Now I still have left for a week and I hope that I will leave the island once in the next two days to go back to Bali!

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