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Backpacking to Gili Islands

This is Kuta Bali back few years ago – Gili Islands. Expect to spend 8-12 hours on low budget to get there. Have breakfast and then leaving hotel at 6.00 clock with a shuttle to the ferry which then bring us to Lombok. The shuttle ride does not go straight to our ferry but in Kuta makes 5 stops to pick up other tourists and locals. First, the shuttle is approaching from the south Kuta, then our station comes. 3 hours later we are at the ferry port. We were very excited to see what is expected for a boat of us here. We read many horror stories about the journeys between the Indonesian islands. Boats are either not there or are absolute horror rides. But I had no fear, and no bad feeling and also for good reason. We were lucky and got a huge ferry. We and 7 other backpackers, otherwise only locals – an image for themselves. Most sleep on the benches in the ferry cabin, many people smoked and the air is initially bad, I go on deck. A long conversation with a Balinese and Indonesians living in Kuta. Sometimes he did art of singing accompanied on guitar for his own good, I like what I hear. Back below deck, it’s fucking hot, I sleep for a short time. There are toilets on the ferry, a luxury I would have never expected. Next wash down a hole in the ground and a bucket of water at all. No toilet paper, no trash can – Adaptation is the right word here! I like this culture, this simplicity and I think it’s great to finally see something else away from this stuffy knitted European thought and into the important things in life – I called it the survival!

Here the men almost always wear long pants (for religious reasons) and I sit there and listen not to sweat on. It’s getting worse and I just let it happened. Here one does not sweat like us. The ferry trip takes 5 hours and then we went from the harbor of Lombok (Lembar harbor) around one and a half hours with a shuttle to another ferry terminal (Bangsal harbor). The next few hundred meters we travel on foot. It’s raining but that does not bother me. Just walk through the rain, the people meet you bearing with baskets and containers on her head, sitting on the roadside and pull the lice from the hair. I let everything affect me. 25 tourists and a small boat that controls all 3 Gili Islands. A boat for absolute Indonesian standard but still I like it. Plain and simple AND it does the job, what more do you need? 40 minutes later we arrived at the westernmost of the three Gili Islands – Party the island. Get out of the boat, go down with bare feet in the water and on land. Feel the sand under your feet and simply continue. 15 minutes and a lot of requests from locals if we need a hotel later, we arrived at our bungalow. If one goes on holiday for 3 weeks in Bali and a trip to the Gili Islands is planning, then that is absolutely perfect, but I have to admit, as a backpacker, it is ME here too touristy. It teems with white people and it’s all geared to tourism.

A nice encounter on the beach: On the second and last day on Gili Trawangan I gave myself a few hours on the beach. Finally, for the first time since I’m traveling, I had the opportunity to do. Simply lying on the beach, relax, listen to the water, swim, sleep, read and so on.
After one and a half hours on the beach, an Indonesian suddenly came to me and right behind him a couple of girls in headscarves. Within a short time I was surrounded by a school class who came from Lombok for 3 hours here on the island to improve their English. And so I’ve been talking 20 minutes to them who were initially shy but then thawed more. One should always be careful what they say about themselves. For the people here, it is inconceivable that you are traveling for a year around the world, so best is to say simply that it makes 2 weeks holiday here and you’re still a student. After the first were gone, came right up next to me to talk with me. It was definitely a great experience and a lot of fun and I’ve learned some new things about the people here and their culture.

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