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Full Moon Party at Gili Trawangan

This morning we woke up almost simultaneously on both around 6:00 clock. Roosters crowing and clucking chickens had awakened us and it sounded as if they were right next to our beds. It struck us both hard again to get some sleep, but eventually we managed to both and then monitored again around 8:00 clock, got pretty late.

After the morning toilet we sat outside on the porch and did not try again to get some sleep while we waited for our breakfast and after we had drunk our first coffee, it was us again a little better and somehow we have our day schedule and so we planned to have yet to put us a little on the ear, a walk around the entire island to walk around noon, then go eat something and then meet for preheating with Lise and heli to our last evening then to celebrate a proper Full Moon Party (today was in fact really full moon!), because tomorrow I went back further, while Nadine stayed another 3 nights on Gili Trawangan.

So let us put to bed once and I set the alarm clock for 12:00. Then, when the alarm clock rang at 12:00 clock, and we were also once again went into the shower before we packed our things, to explore the island. In a shop we bought something to drink first and then started our little journey of discovery.

We needed nearly three and half hours to completely circumnavigate Gili Trawangan. Actually, you should make it in two hours, but we placed between every now and again a stop, where we either basking on the beach, or a cold Coke drank in the shade of bushes and the great scenery, or simply observed only passers located either at work, or simply were just on a walk, or simply einlegten only a small photo session. In a small restaurant on the street, pretty much on the other side of the island, even Nadine met a French woman, with whom she had worked together in Australia. Man, how small the world but actually is =) We talked briefly with her and then arranged to meet the full moon party, because she was doing her diving license and had to study for the exam. The island was also definitely fantastically beautiful and the fact that there were no cars and motorbikes there, it was all very quiet. The way around the island were either paved (for the horse, which here is the only transportation), or were sandy, so that one all the time barefoot could run around without any problems, which I really prepared a lot of fun and I also somehow made happy, because I felt as free as I had rarely felt before. It was a good trip on ecstasy, just stop without drugs. It was so good to walk across the sand to feel the peace and to meet all these friendly people who are always friendly and greet from time to time to time involved in a little small talk.

At 16 clock we were already back to our bungalow. We were both totally done, because the walk around the island was really exhausting. Not necessarily because of the distance, it was more the heat that made them create one and at the end we also shuffled only by the streets. Nadine wanted then again to the beach to meet there again with Lise and heli that we had previously not met briefly in a small restaurant on the beach. However, I had no desire to lie in the sun and decided to stay in the bungalow and rest me a little while Nadine and then grabbed her things and went to the beach, I sat down again on the porch and wrote , invited or photo on facebook and after I had written around 18:00 clock enough and my fancy was passed to the extremely slow internet, I lay down on the bed and stared at the fan on the wall, took me to a movie and then fell asleep about 10 minutes later =)

Nadine came around 19:00 clock then already back from the beach and woke me up, because they had come to get me to eat. So I got up again, went back into the shower, then grabbed my bag again and then we broke up. We also did not even deliberate long, but headed directly to the pizza of the day before, because that was really good and fit even well into our budget =) Since my pizza had tasted really excellent yesterday, I ordered mine today simply again the same pizza. Nadine also opted for the pizza the day before. After we had fed excellent and also paid our bill, we went briefly back to the bungalow, where I had to put me another t-shirt because I had messed something before we then also cleared the way for Lise and Heli , there to glow for the Full Moon Party before.

The two were already sitting on the porch, waiting for us on arrival and gave up only once a glass of rice wine. However, I found it quite disgusting, so I just made me even once on the way to buy beer. I really had to run a bit, until I finally found a store where I could buy beer and loaded with three large bottles of Bintang (680ml), we went back to the girls. Once there, it took about two minutes to three local guys came to us and contributed society. The three were known by Lise and heli (yes they were now indeed been more than two weeks and already knew a lot of people) and later wanted to go with us to the Full Moon Party. They had brought a bottle of palm wine, which was worse than the rice wine and simply inedible for me, so I then just drank beer the rest of the evening. But the two liters of beer were then some time later, enough for me, because I was pretty angeduselt when we went to the beach around 13:00 clock. I could tell that I had trouble just yet to run straight, but I wanted nothing more then just drinking at the party and just do a little bit like I was dancing =)

The Full Moon Party was exactly as I had always imagined. On a large stretch of beach hundreds of partygoers were gathered from all over the world, all danced to electronic music, hung a DJ in a small bamboo hut. There was very little light, but two large bonfire, which provided together with the sea for a fantastic experience. I also danced here by the sand and I’m not really as the dancers. I really do only when I feel really good and I did here. The music was also available with absolutely great! Horny electric, electric rock and rocking minimum sounded loudly from the big boxes that were distributed on the beach and really everyone danced and celebrated. And the full moon was visible over the sea and the sky was tonight so clear that you could also watch millions of stars. It really was beautiful beyond words and as so often lately.

The evening, or rather the night was really great and I had lots of fun. Originally I wanted to go around 1:00 clock back to the bungalow, because I had the next morning for my ferry to Gili Meno already get up at 7:00 clock and since I already had plans on Gili Meno and knew that I was there too much had to learn, I really did not want to go to bed too late, so I had the opportunity to use even the next day and not to lie in bed all day =) But then there is anyway different than you think. I learned at the party as many locals know that everyone always invited me for a drink and stood by the fire pits and danced with me, so I completely lost sight of the time. Nadine came around 4:00 clock with Lise to me and wanted the two home and since I was already much too long anyway been traveling, I accompanied the two.

Our home also withdrew a bit, because we all were not quite sober and more sipped through the streets as we went =) Nadine and I brought Lise to her bungalow, which was pretty much on our way and then went from there to our bungalow because we eventually reached from 4:30 am to 5:00 clock clock and after we had both disappeared again in the bathroom, we lay under our mosquito net, where I could hear a little music, I then fell asleep a short time later.

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