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Gili Trawangan – Lombok – Bali

Well, just take an effort to a little update, on our way to the next destination.

A look back at the past few weeks where I made several stops:

Gili Trawangan – beautiful island situated in north-east of Bali, near Lombok (it’s actually resided in Lombok administrative). There are three islands, Gili Trawangan is the busiest of them. This is done continuously Party (though not to be compared with the booze in Kuta Bali). We had fun once or twice. I’ve made the test of the pudding. Oops … I have not come off easy, because around me complained about it for days digestive problems.
Otherwise, here is a diver’s paradise – huge turtles are not uncommon, nor rays and reef sharks. The reef is dead for the most part, but just going to transform yourself again. Each dive site is different everywhere, it is beautiful and brightly colored. I enjoyed it a lot!

Rinjani on Lombok
It is a 3-day trip, you climb the Rinjani thereby offering a great view of the largest volcano in Lombok, which in turn is on a lake. The plan was to tour with Mark, my travel companion and his friend. Unfortunately, there was nothing out of it – the third member was sick, so the boys stayed on the island. But nothing could hold me back, I joined a group – an American – and a Swiss couple, 3 German, 1 French and me. Here we had a guide and porter, which with 40 kg (if not more) are run in flip flops past us completely relaxed, as if it were nothing, while we sweated so much that we have our t-shirts could wring. The Porter have (not bad) cooked us up our tents and took care of our wellbeing.
Day-1: 7 hours uphill
Day-2: 1 1/2 hours downhill to the lake, 1/2 hours to Hot Springs in which we have bathed extensively and another 5 hours uphill
3 Day 2 clock in the morning reveille to 3 hours to walk to the summit for the sunrise (we gave up just before the summit, as the summit was embedded in clouds), 2 h, 5 h, and finally back down.

On Day-3 we all had terrible wind, especially when walking at night. Our guide advised us against it to keep trying (he took no responsibility) and it was bitterly cold. The trip was worth the effort and each of my 7 bubbles, but it was really hard. After that I could barely move for 2 days because I had such sore muscles. The pictures of the great surroundings speak for themselves I think :-)

Can not get enough of Lombok, we wanted to get to know the wilderness even better. Lombok from Bali is very different because it is much more primitive. The coasts are gorgeous, the road winds its way and offers great views. We visited a pottery and weaving (also works with many carved pieces and love of detail dressers). Everything here is made by hand. Every move is, many works fitters work from home, the effort is incomprehensible to us.
The people living a completely different life than we do. They have hand skills that have been lost in our time, they are satisfied with the little they have and they have above all: time! Here, the social contact with each other plays a very different role, a smile is the shortest way!
Finally we arrived in Kuta Lombok – a small place that is tourist interest, since life takes a lot of surfers here. Surfers Inn we noticed what kind of surfers are: those who really can understand to read the sea and the waves. Otherwise, the place is very sleepy. We have explored the area by scooter (until it was enough for me with the eternal potholes) and the next day drove back towards Gili. If you simply looking for peace one is in good hands here! For us, that was enough!

Ubud (Bali)
Yes, I have read “Eat Pray Love”, but I did not know that Elizabeth their “love” here – spent phase. But now that I was there, I can understand that they did so I felt comfortable. Ubud is a madness! Just beautiful, nestled in rice fields and palm groves, hilly and green, it offers countless studios, creative shops and great restaurants. I could have stayed forever!
First, we have made the area unsafe with a guide and scooters: a traditional Balinese dance show (the most disappointing point …), a temple surrounded by rice fields, views of Mount Batur on Bali volcano, coffee production and herb garden including a tasting of different varieties and hike over rice plantations. In the evening I have tried myself in Balinese dance. The dance lesson after 2 months without dancing has felt good, but it’s probably true that you have to take at least a year to learn this lesson. Unfortunately, there was a lack of time for that one hour :-(
Day after, we explored the nearby Monkey Forest, I left my shopping lust run wild (I can not really see my stuff) and treated myself to a yoga class with a great view and sunset.
In the evening we stumbled by accident into a really great restaurant: The Nomad. You wait a bit until you get a table, but then you have it, then expect a seafood and Indonesian specialties at the highest level. Of course not cheap, but for cocktails, pre-and main course I paid the equivalent of € 16, which is all about.
On the last day we drove north to Lovina. On the way there we visited two temples (which are less impressed) and the nice waterfall of Gitgit. Lovina’s beach we were not particularly black, the area was only very dirty, so we went back on the road. Here we visited sacred hot springs and crossed the mountains to Ubud again. The distances in Bali are very difficult to estimate because of the mountains, you will not get tired of watching the lush green fields and woods for hours.

Yesterday it finally went back to Kuta. Mark and I have found that the stress of the noisy city, the drinking of tourists and dirt. However, the wide sandy beach is located on Legian from Kuta to Seminyak draws up something special. Beautiful.

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