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Bangsal Harbor

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About Bangsal Harbor

Bangsal is a little port in northwestern Lombok main island and is located in Pemenang area, Lombok Utara (North Lombok) residence. This harbor is a transfer point to the Gili Islands.


To see the area on Google Maps, click Google icon on bottom left of this map.

Getting to Bangsal Harbor

Not much ways to reach the Bangsal harbor, in particular for first time visitor or foreigner. As most travelers in Lombok island are stay in Senggigi the common ways to get to Bangsal harbor is by public taxi (Blue Bird taxi, also called as Lombok Taxi) or charter a car with driver.
A public shuttle service serves complete transfer from Senggigi to Gili Island, departs from Senggigi around 08.00 am.

Occasionally all transports are restricted from entering the Bangsal harbor once they approach the gate. All travelers should use ‘Cidomo’ (horse cart) which are available around the gate or walk. The Cidomo costs around IDR 15.000 – IDr 30.000 per transfer. It’s only less than 200 meters from the entrance to the ticket office.

Go to Gili Islands from Bangsal

There are two types of boats in Bangsal harbor: Charter (private) boat and public boat.

Public Boat
Travelers should be aware of scam or touts practices in the harbor. Walk confident like you have ever visited this place before. Once you are approaching the beach you will see two buildings in your left. The building with many shops is certainly a shop, while a white building in front of it (and no other building next to it) is the ticket office.
Ignore the people who offer you a charter boat or asking your direction and keep walking to the ticket office. If you choose the right building, once you enter the door you’ll be on the reservation desk.

You may see the tickets are in many different colors for same destination (white, red, blue, yellow). Don’t worry as this is to arrange which boat you can use.

Public boat is cheap. The ticket is only IDR 10.000 (approx USD 1) to IDR 15.000 per person for one way transfer.
Boats from Bangsal to Gili Trawangan (and return) are always available from 08.00 to 16.30. A boat will depart once it’s fully loaded (about 10 – 20 minutes each).
Boats from Bangsal to other Gilis depart only 1 – 2 times a day. It’s better to arrive early to avoid missing the boat.

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