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Meno and Trawangan

We start at 6am with bus to reach the port of Padangbai then we take a ferry. The crossing lasts longer than 4 hours. We disembark at the port of Lembar and we take the bus to the port of Bangsal. We stay there for an hour because it’s pouring. We are soaked from head to toe and our big bags too! Fortunately the weather calms down, we take the opportunity to sail up in Gili Trawangan. After 10 hours of boat bus, we finally arrived, we had the Gili Islands!

After a lovely breakfast (included in the price of the guest house in Indonesia) consists of delicious banana pancake, fruit salad, omelette and coffee or tea bread, we start discovering Gili Trawangan. This is the largest and most popular Gili, it appeared for the first time on the tourist map in 90′s. It is an island untouched by cars and two-wheelers, the only public transport is cidomo (horse cart). The inhabitants of Gili are ingenious because between the horse and buggy is a canvas acting picks manure which helps keep a clean island. More people are sorting, they have yellow bins, blue and green … it is a very island ecologist! We note that there is no presence police so in case of any problem you should contact the village chief. The west of the island is wild while the rest is punctuated with bungalows, restaurants and shops. We discover the beautiful beaches fringed white sand and turquoise water. In the evening we eat a local specialty “Nasi Campur”, a dish consisting of rice steamed and mixed at various ingredients in a warung traditional at beachfront street. Throughout the meal, we died laughing because the teenager who takes care of the service commands to forget despair customers!

Today we explore Gili Meno, the smallest of the three islands. We see very little bungalow that we meet a pinch of tourist. This island is one of absolute tranquility. It has only 300 inhabitants. The interior of the land is punctuated with scattered dwellings, coconut groves and salt marshes. The beaches are beautiful, deserted and a turquoise worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

In our guest house the electricity was off for a while and water are recurrent, the systems are rudimentary and we take a shower with seawater, it is how to say … bitter! We cross the island this time through the hills and fields with beautiful views of the volcano “Gunung Rinjani” Lombok. We meet many (too many!) of spiders in the trees sometimes reaching the size of a hand! Late afternoon we reach the spot Trawangan Wall to snorkel (diving with mask and snorkel palm). We swim among colorful corals, fish sizes, shapes and different colors. A magical moment!

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