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Meno and Trawangan

We start at 6am with bus to reach the port of Padangbai then we take a ferry. The crossing lasts longer than 4 hours. We disembark at the port of Lembar and we take the bus to the port of Bangsal. We stay there for an hour because it’s pouring. We are soaked from head to toe and our big bags too! Fortunately the weather calms down, we take the opportunity to sail up in Gili Trawangan. After 10 hours of boat bus, we finally arrived, we had the Gili Islands!

After a lovely breakfast (included in the price of the guest house in Indonesia) consists of delicious banana pancake, fruit salad, omelette and coffee or tea bread, we start discovering Gili Trawangan. This is the largest and most popular Gili, it appeared for the first time on the tourist map in 90′s. It is an island untouched by cars and two-wheelers, the only public transport is cidomo (horse cart). The inhabitants of Gili are ingenious because between the horse and buggy is a canvas acting picks manure which helps keep a clean island. More people are sorting, they have yellow bins, blue and green … it is a very island ecologist! We note that there is no presence police so in case of any problem you should contact the village chief. The west of the island is wild while the rest is punctuated with bungalows, restaurants and shops. We discover the beautiful beaches fringed white sand and turquoise water. In the evening we eat a local specialty “Nasi Campur”, a dish consisting of rice steamed and mixed at various ingredients in a warung traditional at beachfront street. Throughout the meal, we died laughing because the teenager who takes care of the service commands to forget despair customers!

Today we explore Gili Meno, the smallest of the three islands. We see very little bungalow that we meet a pinch of tourist. This island is one of absolute tranquility. It has only 300 inhabitants. The interior of the land is punctuated with scattered dwellings, coconut groves and salt marshes. The beaches are beautiful, deserted and a turquoise worthy of the most beautiful postcards.

In our guest house the electricity was off for a while and water are recurrent, the systems are rudimentary and we take a shower with seawater, it is how to say … bitter! We cross the island this time through the hills and fields with beautiful views of the volcano “Gunung Rinjani” Lombok. We meet many (too many!) of spiders in the trees sometimes reaching the size of a hand! Late afternoon we reach the spot Trawangan Wall to snorkel (diving with mask and snorkel palm). We swim among colorful corals, fish sizes, shapes and different colors. A magical moment!


Reggae Islands of Gilis

I spent several days in the Gili islands, specifically in Gili Trawangan. I had heard a lot about these islands and also read a lot of warnings in the guides attention to the drug, Gili Trawangan has no charm, plenty of gigolos …. and so on. I do not say that they are stupid, but they are a little exaggerated and it’s a shame because this is surely scare some girls traveling alone like me.

That’s right … you are offered occasionally mushrooms but just say no. As a reminder here to be wet in the same drug as a consumer you can start a very serious trouble, don’t laugh! It is also true that people are less friendly than anything Bali. I especially felt during negotiations. To gilis, Muslim women (most inhabitant are muslim) are hard in business:) They are sometimes denied when you want to negotiate while in Bali, people keep smiling no matter what they are sweeter I think. Note that I want to clarify that I am not criticizing Islam but here I just tells a cultural difference that I noticed.

Now that after I’ve told you about the negative nickname, it’s time for the positive!

I liked the quiet pace of life and hear Bob Marley all day long. After 2 days, I was walking down the street singing Bob …. true! Yes there are plenty of bars to Gili T, but the beach is beautiful, the water is clear, warm and just dive head to cuckoo full of fish. And you are not forced to leave, it’s a bit like Ibiza ….

We rented bikes, toured the island, found more deserted beaches. We also spent a day on the island opposite Gili Meno island perfect for lovers or those who take for Robinson Crusoe. It’s quiet, everything is to enjoy nature, water and eat ….:)

Personally, I prefer to be on Gili T, have everything at hand and cross if I feel the need to be isolated. Good necessarily all depends on who you are. Couple of lovers will be better Gili Meno)

I also loved the yoga class I took several nights in a row. Imagine taking a course outside while at your left, the sun goes down ….. and the call to prayer begins as on the Gili Islands you may be awakened by the call …. it’s not good okay, it changes us a little roosters:)

Do not forget the happy hour! In sama sama (reggae bar) whenever the band takes a break, this is the happy hour. In other words, watch and the music stops, order! :)

And the sunset..wow! Watch the sunset and listen to reggae drinking a pina colada is great!

I loved seeing Mathilde negotiate our fish. We choose one you want, you can negotiate the price then they do the grill. Yum! It’s lovely but I forgot the name.

And finally I liked the fact that there is no car or motorcycle. To gilis, we move on foot or by bike … Gili T and there are carts with as I like to call them, small horses) the difficulty is just to avoid them because all these people on the road never moves on the same side. Imagine when a cart happens, indos to move left, the Belgian and French short right to everyone going in a different direction according to their culture, it’s funny)

Word of advice to travelers: bring your flashlight at night there not see much:) I lived in Ozzy homestay which I recommend, nice people!


Get to The Heaven – Gili Trawangan

After buzzing in Ubud, we decided to go down to Candidasa beachfront, just to be closer to where you just take a boat and go to the Gili Islands. In fact, east of Bali is Lombok, another island of similar size in Bali. And northwest of the island you can find the Gili (Gili Trawangan – Gili Meno – Gili Air), a chain of three islands that are strongly advised us to discover.

So we rented a cab to Padangbai, place of departure of Fast boat (1:30 trip) towards Gili Trawangan, the largest of three islands (and only with an ATM ^ ^). We also have the opportunity to take boats with longer and less expensive but good trip, with a little afraid of feeling ill, ease is chosen. So a cross made on the roof of the boat, with luggage and some other reckless. But hey, we could see the island of Bali in a different way, cross huge barges and saw dolphins … It was worth it!

Laying in Lombok and 15/20 minutes later, landing on Gili Trawangan. No dock, feet in the water. No cars or scooters, only small carts pulled by small horses decorated and bicycle rental. A real change! No hotel booked, we start playing adventurers. There is a place in a homestay, a sort of small family hotel, close to 15 € per night with breakfast for two. Thereafter, we meet two French advises us to Edy Homestay, even cheaper (11 € for 2 with breakfast and 2 queen beds, small bright terrace), with supposedly a family atmosphere. It therefore changes the next day. And there, a very good discovery) Every evening, the hotel manager, Norman and his friends play music for hours, tubes and elsewhere singing, and we at even ended up singing “Aicha”, the only tube “French” they know:) So a meeting with local super friendly, outgoing, always smiling and offering you food, ask you where you come from, how long you stay … The hotel is not large (8 bungalows), we could befriend two Finnish, one English, one English and one American, with whom we spent our days on the island . And to wash clothes, €1 for 2kg:)

We do not know how long we would stay but in the end, it was so peaceful and relaxing as we finished our week there. No brainer to know what you are doing, what time .. A real holiday! We have come across young people like us, older people, families … Everyone can find his place. And we just stay in a hostel or in a superb beachfront bungalow, everything is possible! It should be 1:30 for a tour of the island on foot, but there is still plenty to do: learn to dive, get Padi (degree in dive) in 4 days, snorkeling (mask, snorkel, fins), lazing on the beach, making day trips to Lombok for example, or from 4 days and 3 nights towards the Komodo, surfing, get a massage …. An island with dirt roads that certainly get a little muddy when it rains, but so authentic. Small shops, local know that eventually you and ask your news every time you crossed them, the restaurant, spa, a shisha bar … everything is possible! And here is the free wifi everywhere)

For us, it was a day of snorkeling (€9 each for 4 hours by boat on 3 different dive sites). We saw a variety of fish, turtles .. Small lunch break on Gili Air, quiet, nothing to turn lunch in bamboo huts with lounge music in the background ..). A very good experience except that I got a little seasick, even during dives. But it was worth it! We also tested the “fish pedicare” i.e. they put their feet in tanks filled with water and small fish that you are removing dead skin lol. Well it’s surprising, but it works! And if not, walk on the beach, nap on the beach in the shade of a tree, reading books while listening to music. And finally, we discover that you can live without a laptop and shows enough!

For outputs, it fucking worth it, there is always something held each night in a different bar. Tourists and locals on the island come together: the Irish Bar, Sama sama reggae bar The rooftop of Gili Hostel, Rudy’s Bar, the Blue Marlin and pool … So we had a chance to go out a little after listening to our friends play the guitar and sang in the patio of the hotel.

And food issue, it takes between 4 and 7 € for fresh fish on the grill spent with a portion of rice, cooked vegetables and a drink … :) Same, I stayed on my tea and a banana pancake or pineapple in the morning)

Personally, this is the place I chose for calm but also for the things we could do during the day and evening for meetings that are to do, and the kindness of people. Never harassed to sell us something, just reply with a smile.

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