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My Trip to Dragon Islands

To see Komodo dragons and dive into a national park, we took a boat trip crossing between Lombok and Flores, with multiple stops along the way.

Geographically, the Komodo National Park consists of 100% of the islands of Komodo and Rinca. These two islands are situated between Sumbawa and Flores. Sumbawa is on east of Lombok.

During four days and five nights with fellow adventurers, in a nut shell barely bigger than the old boat Ron. These boats have not really nice reputation. All travel guides advise to avoid. We had two live chickens in a cage at the bottom of the boat, near the toilet. A fish, a little tofu. A cooler full of beer and water. Eighteen foam mattress, three-quarters of an inch thick. No shower. Not enough toilet paper. A 30 horsepower motor to push it.

Our companions were vast majority British and Irish, and of course the boat has become a great big party. Beer, Irish songs, quotes from the movie Snatch, we were treated to all the clich├ęs.

If the Irish were not sufficient to the task, we had a latino couple whose wife is a professional dancer who brewed his ass like a gallon of paint, a Finnish able to open a beer with anything, and an American who drinks all wrong. So all wrong it was absolutely drunk in his visit to the island of Komodo, and has repeatedly tried to pull the tail of a dragon by challenging the park rangers. I think they will remember us.

The snorkeling was great, awesome dragons and our lack of sleep, amazing.

The last night we rebuilt our reserves in the city and made a huge barbeque on a deserted island. We were very lucky to be dropped on people as friendly.

Once in Flores, we stayed and made a day of diving. On our first dive, a giant manta ray rose a foot above me. I shed a tear in my mask. Second dive much more difficult, especially with the strong currents in the area, but we met turtles, moray eels, and a ton of fish. Corals form veritable underwater gardens.

The beautiful diving, but difficult for beginners. Mary worked hard to keep control. The Dutch in our group had to air our divemaster both times. My regulator broke on every dive, I had to drive on my spare regulator. Not great.

We have thirty hours of ferry and bus back to Bali. Nice.

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