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Travel Tips in Lombok

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Lombok Travel Tips,

Essential Travel Tips in Lombok

  • You will get your feet wet when you board the small boat for the Lombok island especially when the low tide because the water is to shallow for the boat to land to the shore, use slippers/sandals and short.

  • Do not buy any mosquitoes coil from some kids at the harbor, as they are trying to sell things at the highest they can. There are lots of shops on the Islands selling those stuffs with better prices
  • Do not try to look at the things that they offers, and do not make any promises to say “maybe later”. Those guys can recognize your face and ask for the promises.
  • Carry some amount of cash to pay taxi or public transport. Taxi is meterred, while public transport ranged between 2000 – 4000 Rupiahs.
  • Be aware of strong currents while swimming or snorkeling. It is best to ask the advice of a dive master before swimming alone.
  • Do not leave any valuable belongings unattended at the beach while swimming or snorkeling. Ask for a deposit box at the hotel where you stay.
  • Most tourist facilities in Lombok (Gili Islands & Senggigi) remain open during Ramadhan. Local Restaurants might close in residential area in Mataram or Cakranegara to respect the majority of Moesleem Fasting. Tourist are suggested to eat and drinks in hotel’s or resort’s area.

Essential Information in Lombok


  • Mataram Public Hospital (Rumah Sakit Umun), Jl. Pejanggik 6, Mataram, +62 370 638464. 24 hr UGD-Emergency room and admissions. The islands and the province’s main public hospital with UGD (Unit Gawat Darurat)-Emergency treatment room, ICU and OR facilities, laboratorium, Specialist consulting rooms. Caters to the needs of the general population.
  • RS Harapan Keluarga, Jl Ahmad Yani, Selagalas (to the immediate east of the city), +62 370 673666. Newly built modern facility with a polyclinic, ICU, operating theatres, CT and MRI scans, modern x-ray equipment, hemodialysis, ultrasound (USG), endoscopy, bronchoscopy and fluoroscopy facilities. Ambulance callout, emergency room (UGD), pharmacy, on-site laboratory and radiology department is available 24/7. This is currently the island’s most advanced and comprehensively equipped private facility.
  • Rumah Sakit Risa (Risa Centra Medika Hospital), Jl. Pejanggik No.115, Cakranegara (just east of Mataram mall on the right hand side of the road), +62 370 625560. 24 hr UGD-Emergency room and admissions. Hospital with UGD (Unit Gawat Darurat)-Emergency treatment room, private and VIP patient rooms, ICU and OR facilities, laboratorium, specialist consulting rooms including Internist, opthamologist, obstetrician, dentist. Professional treatment and reasonably comfortable accommodations.
  • Siti Hajar Moslem Hospital (Rumah Sakit Islam), Jl. Panca Warga, Mataram (Head west from Mataram mall, it is on the left hand side of the road). +62 370 623498. Specialist consulting rooms, Dentist.
  • Rumah Sakit Polda (National Police Hospital NTB-Bhayangkara Polda Nusa Tenggara Barat), Jl. Lanko No 54, Ampenan/Mataram (on the left hand side of the road heading eastward toward Mataram and before RS Umun), +62 370 633701. 24 hr UGD (Emergency room and admissions). Polyclinic and general hospital open to the public for treatment and admissions, also available general medicine, midwife, medi-legal services, counselling, and psychological services. The hospital is also the site of the Police (Polda) forensic pathology unit.
  • Payment guarantee, Please note many hospital service providers may demand a guarantee of payment before rendering treatment even in an obvious and clear emergency. Incremental payments may also be demanded for individual services including the supply of professional services such as laboratory services, pharmacuticals and medical consumables. Travel insurance providers are sometimes very slow to provide these payment guarantees and may demand extensive documentation of costs and full receipts or they may later decline payment or reimbursement or delay these payments for an extended time. Diagnosis may also be disputed by travel insurers and treatment or admission authorisations delayed for extended times whilst they deliberate over authorising treatment and payment guarantees.


  • Ambulance ☎ +62 370 623489
  • Lombok Regional Police (National) (Polda), Jl Gajah Mada No7, Ampenan (Mataram), +62 370 693110. 24 hr emergency number 110
  • Tourism Police Senggigi (Pos Polsek Senggigi), Jl. Raya Senggigi km 1 Senggigi (near the Art Market), +62 370 632733.


  • Department of Immigration (Direktorat Jenderal Imigrasi), Jl Udayana No2, Mataram, +62 370 635331.
  • Post Office (Kantor Pos), JL Sriwijarya, Mataram, +62 370 632645.

Embassies and Consulates
There are no consular services available in Lombok. The nearest consular services are in Bali and Jakarta has embassies representing a wide range of nationalities.