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* Main Port is (Sanur , Serangan, Padangbai, Benoa)
** Pick Up will Not Available if you book after 6.00 p.m applied for next day trip. We suggest you to arrange your own accomodation to the port.

Ganggari Fast Boat

Ganggari Fast Boat from Bali to Gili (Closed)

GANGGARI BOAT is a fiber speed boat with medium passenger capacity (the smaller is 20 seats for island hopping boat and 30 seats, 60 seats, 90 seats for longer distance), equipped with 100 – 2000 HP engine. Some of them have double deck (lower and upper deck). The Gili islands just got closer with the increasingly popular fast boat services operating between Padangbai - Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Lombok , here is some information regarding the schedules and routes and boat specifications Large Space , 1800 Horse Power , 42 Cruising Knots, High Speed Safe and Comfortable, Accredited Captain and crew.

Route of Ganggari Boat :

Schedule :

Departure trip from Bali to Gili Islands

Bali (Padangbai) 09:30 AM Gili Trawangan 11:30 AM
    Gili Air 12:00 PM
    Lombok (Bangsal) 13:00 PM
Bali (Padangbai) 13:30 PM Gili Trawangan 15:30 PM
    Gili Air 16:00 PM
    Lombok (Bangsal) 16:30 PM

Return trip from Gili Islands to Bali

Gili Trawangan 10:30 AM Bali (Padangbai) 13:00 PM
Gili Air 11:00 AM    
Lombok (Bangsal) 11:30 AM    
Gili Trawangan 14:30 PM Bali (Padangbai) 17:00 PM
Gili Air 15:00 PM    
Lombok (Bangsal) 15:30 PM