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Gili Islands – The Paradise

The mainland Lombok is already really nice. But the Gilis again put a top on it. Really incredible. By far the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

The water is clear and has bath temperature. The beaches are white and clean, and there’s hardly any current in some places, which is great for swimming, and the only means of transport are horse-drawn carriages or bicycles – so no engines.
There is a calm, relaxed mood. The 1500 locals in Gili Trawangan (main island) usually work in the restaurant or in shops. The rest are tourists, mostly Europeans. The showers of accommodations have only salt water and there is little internet. However, it is a lot of construction. The hotels are mostly in the bungalow style and over the years were always expensive. The prices for accommodation in my book (the information is maybe 3 years old) have tripled, but this is still cheap by European standards. Pay for a large, well maintained double room with bath and breakfast converted € 13. The prices for food are logically higher than on the mainland. It eventually everything must be overpriced over here. Here nothing is grown.

Many diving and snorkeling trips are offered here. I accepted one of these offers. So I went diving twice. We took a boat with maybe 15 other divers on the 2 dive spots. Among other things, we saw 2 sharks and turtles, which was a great experience.
Here you get to know some nice people.
In the evening, there is usually fresh seafood on the table.
The largest islands Trawangan, on the first thing I was, you can run around on foot in 90 minutes.

A ‘trip’ to the middle island of Gili Meno, however, I do not want to miss. The islands separate a waterway of about 1 kilometer. Here you feel like Robinson Crueso. Middle of the island there is a salt water lake but not suitable for swimming. There are perhaps 100 residents and as many tourists. You can spend the whole day in beach huts, with a cup of ginger tea (I have a little cold) and look at the blue sea or one of the other islands.
Back, we took the easy way out by fast boat directly from the Gilis back to Bali, instead of going back into the public ferry 5 hours in Lombok. It then took only 1.5 hours, but the waves do not easily …

I enjoyed the days at this beautiful spot on earth.

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