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Gili Meno : Peace Heaven in East

Probably the last update about our adventures as our long journey is nearing its end! And what purpose these few 10 days we have to live, full of contrasts, of emotions, of galleys … We took eyes full, full, full gams the swimsuit!

First episode of Gili Meno, a small island situated between Bali and Lombok, with two sisters, Gili Trawangan and Gili Air. These three islands so mini (2 hours max to walk around one of them, no cars, no scooters), we choose the least populated: 300 inhabitants in high season, probably less now. Fifty tourists as we live only for love and fresh water bungalows at the water’s edge. If you add the azure waters, white sand, coral hosting thousands of colorful fish and the green hills of Lombok in the background, you have a small idea of ​​our heaven on earth for a week. A week to live in a swimsuit, a hang on the beach, a week with the only question to ask daily: “where did I put the sunscreen?” and “what restaurant you wanna lunch / dinner today?”. But paradise has a price, and then we pay, do not worry.

All heavens was also, no doubt, his side of the medal less welcoming, we notice going around the island on the first day of our arrival: we docked east coast of the island, or the find the port, diving club, and most bungalows and small huts that serve restaurant. But the west coast of the island is less rosy, the beaches are disgusting (how can we not organize better than that collection of waste on such a small space), with even one or two dead dogs lying on the sand! Let me tell you that after this tour, we stayed quietly on our east coast, has enjoy the pleasures of the shiny side of Gili Meno and soften gradually and as the days passed.

It seems that everyone in the same way set their curfew alarm at 21:30, there is more of cats, the restaurants closed, tourists are coming home to bed. The first night, facing the restaurants deserts, we said we did not find the right place on the island. The 2nd night we went to the evidence: there is simply no nightlife on this island, people dine to 19h and go read a book on the terrace of their bungalow. At the same time, I assure you, it is quite easily to this mandatory quiet and this week we will travel even more of a moment to share it.

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