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One Day in GIli Meno

Today I’m going to explore the smaller islands of Three Gilis: Gili Meno. Waiting for the boat, I spend a little time to observe these local workers who unload all the material came from Lombok. And yes, there is not as tourists on Gili Trawangan! Poses on the head or a shoulder, they carry up land, wooden beams, bags of cement, tiles and other building materials …

At 10 pm, I disembarked on Gili Meno. I only have a few hours to discover the beauties of the island … The main village is an incredible calm. What a contrast to Gili Trawangan! At the end, I stopped to watch the babies turtles reared in ponds, sometimes very original … They will remain time be strong enough to reach the deep end! Then I begin to walk around the island. I walked along the beautiful sandy beaches and beautiful coral dead pile up little by little. The sea is incredibly beautiful and clear water suggests sublime decors submarines. It’s beautiful! South-west, I pass beside a dirty lake and its particular ecosystem: mangrove. It looks like the south of Martinique … Finally, after 3 hours of walking very slow (and yes, take pictures, ca takes time), I fall back on my feet and find me the pier. I have one hour before departure. I decided to go get lost in the small interior roads of the island … I walk among the houses and discovers the real life of its inhabitants. It is a pleasure for authenticity! I have the impression of being on islands amenagees only for tourists. It feels great!

At 15.30, I’m leaving on Gili Trawangan tourism. I sit in a bar a few isolated and quiet to drink Ice Lemon Tea and listen to some reggae music … When surprise, I came across a couple of French meets the Merapi volcano Ijen on Java and Rinjani in Lombok has ! What a small world! We spend the late after-noon to discuss travel, future and assists …

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