Freebird Express Fast Boat


Fast boats between Bali and Gili are never silent. Almost all fast boats to Gili and Lombok depart from Sanur and Padangbai because they have a lot of fast boats and schedules. But, please don't forget the shortest transfer time from Bali to Gili and Lombok. Fast boat transfer from Amed to Gili and Lombok.

The route from Amed to Gili and Lombok is not as popular as Padangbai and Sanur. But from Amed, you will need around 45 minutes to 1 hour of sea transfer to Gili and Lombok. Freebird Express is the only fast boat that serves transfers from Amed to Gili and Lombok.

Even though Freebird Express only has once a departure from Bali and a return, this fast boat never disappoints the passengers. Freebird Express has 3 boats with a capacity of 40 passengers, 70 passengers, and the newest one with 80 passengers. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while crossing with 8 seats on the upper deck. It's only available on the newest boat of Freebird Express.

Free shuttle service is provided by Freebird Express fast boats only for Tulamben and Amed. If your hotel is located outside the free shuttle area, please come to the port at least 30 minutes before departure time for the check-in process.

Or if you want an easy way, we can provide a private shuttle from Bali to all areas at an additional price depending on your location. For more information, please contact us.

  • Amed Port
  • Gili Trawangan Port
  • Gili Air Port
  • Bangsal Harbor
  • Padangbai Harbor
Departing From Destination Departure Time
Amed Port(Bali) Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) 09:30:00 - 11:00:00
Amed Port(Bali) Gili Air Port(Gili Air) 09:30:00 - 11:45:00
Amed Port(Bali) Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) 09:30:00 - 12:00:00
Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) Amed Port(Bali) 10:45:00 - 12:30:00
Gili Air Port(Gili Air) Amed Port(Bali) 11:15:00 - 12:30:00
Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) Amed Port(Bali) 11:30:00 - 12:30:00
Padangbai Harbor(Bali) Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) 10:00:00 - 11:30:00
Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) Padangbai Harbor(Bali) 11:45:00 - 14:15:00
Padangbai Harbor(Bali) Gili Air Port(Gili Air) 10:00:00 - 11:55:00
Gili Air Port(Gili Air) Padangbai Harbor(Bali) 12:10:00 - 14:15:00
Padangbai Harbor(Bali) Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) 10:00:00 - 12:20:00
Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) Padangbai Harbor(Bali) 12:35:00 - 14:15:00