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Gilitransfers services include :

a. Reservation for fast boat tickets among Bali - Lombok - Gili Islands - Nusa Lembongan - Nusa Penida

b. Reservation for tours among Bali - Lombok - Gili Islands - Nusa Lembongan - Nusa Penida

c. Reservation for Cruise, Activities and Daily Tour to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan

d. Reservation for Private Car Transfers for Bali and Lombok area

How To Book Fast Boat Tickets

  1. Click the fast boat maps button if you don't know the fast boat route. After that, a map of the fast boat's route will appear.

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  2. Choose the Fast Boats tab on the Booking form. For a one-way ticket, please select ONE WAY TAB, and for a return ticket, pick THE ROUND TRIP. Fill in your itinerary (Departure From, Destination, Number of Passengers, Departure Date and Currency).

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  3. Choose the boat(s) you want to use from the boat list. If you choose one way at the beginning, after selecting the boat you'll be directed to the fill data page. But if you select the round trip, you will be taken to the boat selection page for the return trip and then directed to the fill data page.

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  4. Fill the detail of contact and passengers. If you use a boat with shuttle service, please fill the pickup detail (your hotel address). Please note : This shuttle service is shared with the other passengers, not for private. Please re-check your booking data before continues to payment process. If the datas are correct. click continue to pay button to make paymen.

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  5. On the payment page, check your order data again. you can continue to pay for the reservation with available payment methods. If you don't have an account to make the payment with available payment channels, you can contact us via email, WhatsApp or online chat.

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  6. After the payment is complete, a ticket and payment receipt will be sent to your email. Please check your spam inbox or folder. You may not be asked for the printed ticket version at check-in, but we recommend that you bring the printed ticket version just in case.

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