Gili Getaway Fast Boat


Gili Getaway Fast Boat is the only boat that serves sea transfers from Bali to Gili Gede. Depart from Serangan, Gili Getaway will take you from Bali to Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, Lombok Bangsal, Nusa Lembongan even Nusa Penida. Gili Getaway offers a comfortable trip for its customers. 

Gili Getaway also supplies chilled towels, refreshments on board, Sun Block cream, restaurant facilities on check-in, a friendly knowledgeable captain and sun-baking roof access so that you can enjoy the beautiful archipelago sun during your island getaway to the Gili’s.

The Lombok strait at times can be treacherous for any and all fast boat services operating between Bali and the Islands and on the rare occasion that our boats cannot run due to safety reasons. You can rest assured that Gili Getaway will try to make this inconvenience as painless as possible.

There will help by either rescheduling your departure or by finding an alternative means of transport to and from Gili Trawangan, Air, Meno or Lombok as reasonably and efficiently as possible.

Gili Getaway Safety Equipment:

All Getaway boats have been custom designed and constructed from scratch by our trusted Balinese Boatbuilder. Built from Marine grade Fiberglass and designed to comply with International Standards These standards exceed Indonesian compliance with 50+ Life Jackets for Adults to Infants Solas Life rafts that are equipped with safety provisions for ALL customers and boat staff (125% of the capacity of each boat) Lifebuoys and Floating Rings EPIRB; Electronic Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon. When deployed, automatically sends a signal via satellite and records positioning for rescue authorities. GPS and Long Range VHF radio Distress Signals – Parachute Flares, Red Hand Flares and Buoyant Smoke Flares Fire Extinguishers – Powder and Foam Fully insured for both our customers and staff. First aid medical kit

  • Serangan Harbor
  • Gili Trawangan Port
  • Gili Air Port
  • Bangsal Harbor
Departing From Destination Departure Time
Serangan Harbor(Bali) Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) 09:00:00 - 11:15:00
Serangan Harbor(Bali) Gili Air Port(Gili Air) 09:00:00 - 11:30:00
Serangan Harbor(Bali) Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) 09:00:00 - 11:45:00
Gili Trawangan Port(Gili Trawangan) Serangan Harbor(Bali) 11:30:00 - 14:15:00
Gili Air Port(Gili Air) Serangan Harbor(Bali) 11:45:00 - 14:15:00
Bangsal Harbor(Lombok) Serangan Harbor(Bali) 12:00:00 - 14:15:00