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* Main Port is (Sanur , Serangan, Padangbai, Benoa)
** Pick Up will Not Available if you book after 6.00 p.m applied for next day trip. We suggest you to arrange your own accomodation to the port.

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Scoot Fast Cruise - Bali to Senggigi


Scoot Fast Cruise, Bali to Nusa Lembongan, Senggigi and Gili 

Scoot Fast Cruises is fast boat company which serve a transfer from Bali to Lembongan and Gili with daily schedule. Depart from Sanur Port, the nearest port from Denpasar and another tourist main area in Bali.
The route of boat is :


Scoot Fast Cruise will depart from Sanur directly to Nusa Lembongan then stops briefly before heading off to Senggigi. Next, we'll depart from Senggigi to Gili Island. The transfer time from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan is around 30 minutes, and from Nusa Lembongan to Senggigi is around 2 hours. And from Senggigi to Gili Island is around 30 minutes. So, if you choose Scoot Fast Boat to go to Gili Island, you'll take 3 hours with beautiful scenery along the way. 

Scoot Fast Boat Sanur to Gili 

Sanur is a tourist main area in Bali. Located not too far from downtown Denpasar and Denpasar airport. Sanur is a 30-minute drive from the airport. Sanur also becomes the main port in Bali for fast boat transfer from Bali to Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan and also from Sanur to Gili Trawangan and Lombok. The most popular port for a route from Bali to Gili and Lombok is Padangbai harbor. But, Padangbai is located quite far away from the downtown. So, maybe a direct fast boat route from Gili Trawangan to Sanur can be the other options. Scoot Fast Boat is the one and only boat serves a transfer from Sanur to Gili Trawangan, with around 2,5 to 3 hours transfer time depend on the sea weather.

Schedule of Scoot Fast Cruise

Departure Destination Time
Sanur Nusa Lembongan 09.30 AM
11.45 AM
13.45 PM
17.00 PM
Sanur  Gili Island
09.30 AM
Senggigi Sanur
Nusa Lembongan
12.30 PM
Gili Air Sanur
Nusa Lembongan
12.45 PM
Gili Meno Sanur
Nusa Lembongan
13.00 PM
Gili Trawangan Sanur
Nusa Lembongan
13.30 PM
Nusa Lembongan Sanur 08.30 AM
10.45 AM
12.45 PM
16.30 PM
Nusa Lembongan Senggigi 
Gili Islands
10.30 AM
*the schedule may change at any time, please contact us to ensure the schedule

Scoot Fast Cruise also provide inter-island transfers or also known as Island Hopping between Senggigi, Teluk Nara and Gili Island. So, if you want to travel from Senggigi to Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno or Gili Air, you can use this fast boat too. 

Departing Destinations Time
Senggigi Gili Island 12.30 PM
Gili Trawangan Senggigi
Teluk Nara
13.45 PM
Gili Meno Senggigi
Teluk Nara
14.00 PM
Gili Air Senggigi
Teluk Nara
14.15 PM
*the schedule may change at any time, please contact us to ensure the schedule

Scoot Fast Boat Pickup and Dropoff Service

Scoot Fast Cruise provide hotel transfers to ensure the guests arrive on time. This service already include with tickets price. Free pickup and dropoff service avalaible for Sanur area, Kuta area, Seminyak area, Nusa Dua (BTDC) & Jimbaran ( certain area ), Central Ubud, Canggu & Uluwatu with minimum booking of 2 people for free pick up. For Lombok area, we only provide free shuttle service in Mataram and Senggigi area only. If your location is on the outside area, you can use this shuttle service with additional charge depending on the location. The pickup time is start around 2 hours before fast boat departing time. 

Scoot Company fully insured with Lloyd’s of London and are truly devoted to providing the guests with the safest travel option in the industry. Their staff are highly experienced and well trained to ensure our guests always travel safely with Scoot Fast Cruises. Scoot Company also the proud winner of Indonesia’s Leading Cruise Operator for the 6th consecutive year! So when you are thinking of booking travel between Sanur, Nusa Lembongan, Senggigi & the Gili Islands, book with Scoot Fast Cruises at