Lembar Port in West Lombok is one of the entrances to Lombok by sea. Located in Lembar, West Lombok Regency, NTB, Lembar Port serves freighters and passenger ships. Currently, the port of Lembar is equipped with a 24-hour counter, a prayer room, and a waiting room for vehicles to cross. 

Based on history, Lembar Port was in Ampenan, Mataram in the beginning. It was later moved to Lembar in 1977. On November 30, 1994, the government designated Lembar Port as a visa-free area to support tourism in Lombok and surrounding areas. In effect, many foreign tourists come from Bali to Lombok.

Lembar Port is an option for those of you who want to explore Lombok by your own vehicle. Depart from Padangbai Port using a ferry with 3-4 hours, it can even be 5 hours depending on the weather. 

There are no fast boats stopping at Lembar Port. All fast boats will stop at Bangsal and Gili Islands. So, make sure you don't choose the wrong "ship" to travel to Lombok.