A lot of things have started to improve Lombok's tourist sector. Villas, hotels, and shops are on the rise, tourism businesses are well-known and new ports are opened. In Senggigi, pockets of development may be found in several fields, not so long ago. Easy transport and simply reserving a hotel or villa, a car or a boat in Senggigi is necessary.

Senggigi has beautiful beaches and becomes a major tourist destination on the island of Lombok.  As well as for its beautiful beaches facing the beach decorated with various fishing boats. You can enjoy a great sunset from a small restaurant just outside the port of Senggigi.

Senggigi is the busiest tourist area and the main tourist destination of Lombok. It is about 15-20 minutes north of Mataram. You can take an airport taxi upon arrival at Lombok International Airport. 

The majority of activities around Senggigi revolve around diving, snorkeling and hiking. Senggigi is a popular base for further activities in Lombok. 

The harbor is located on the right side of the Senggigi beach area and becomes a transit point to the island of Bali or Gili sometimes. You can walk all the way to the harbor from the hotel in Senggigi area.

For those of you who like climbing, Lombok has Rinjani. If you want to climb Mt. Rinjani, you can continue the journey to Senaru Village about 1 hour 40 minutes (from Bangsal / Teluk Nara) from Senggigi, or you can stay at Senggigi then start to climb on the next day from Sembalun or Senaru village.