Ramayana Ballet Performance with Dinner

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Enjoy a delicious Indonesian meal before heading to the Ramayana Ballet performance at Purawisata. Gazebo Shinta restaurant. Featuring a warm atmosphere and classic Sultan palace architecture, the restaurant caters to intimate gatherings over Indonesian cuisine accompanied by soft and gentle live ‘gamelan’ music, which is sure to suit everyone, especially for buffet dinner and barbeque. The entire Ramayana story is presented through body movements or dancing, without any dialogue.

During the graceful dancing of the beautiful dancers, the melodious strains of Java Gending could be heard softly playing. Occasionally heard, the Sinden is humming songs in Javanese. When the scene changes into Rahwana or Hanoman and the monkey army appears, the sound is turned into the more lively Gending.

The stage becomes more crowded when the war begins and the show becomes more compelling in Anoman Obong’s scene. Having enjoyed the show, you can take pictures with all the players on the stage.

Dinner will start at 6:00 PM

The show will start at 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

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  • Enjoy Dinner at Gazebo Resto - Etnik Kafe
    Enjoy Ramayana Ballet Performance at Purawisata
    Avalaible on Monday - Wednesday - Friday and Saturday
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  • Local Dinner
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  • Hotel Transfers
IDR 415000

*)Prices may change depending on the date you choose

Age 13+
Age 3-12
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